Why I am the “Un-Coach”

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Being the un-coach is a full embrace of the power of coaching, while rejecting a lot of what the industry is doing.

There are a bunch of problems with the coaching industry and how our services are marketed.

So I have taken the bold step of stopping all marketing that is anything like what the rest of the coaching industry is doing, because I think a lot of it is scammy.

So really, I’m kind of an un-coach.

That means no weekly or daily emails you have to wade through.

No “freebies.”

No Facebook ads.

No Instagram feed. No pictures of handbags or shoes.

No announcements of six- and seven-figure months or days (you can search me up on PACER if you want to know what that means to me).

No constant….fucking…selling.

And now, no more podcast.

Less time on marketing equals more time actually helping my coaching clients.

Being the un-coach is a full embrace of the power of coaching, while rejecting a lot of what the industry is doing.

Which, ironically, is exactly the kind of lawyer I am!

I grew my solo law practice the old-fashioned way — without social media and with a virtually non-existent advertising budget — by developing my skills, building my reputation, and networking and getting referrals. And also, by being visible on google — where people might search for an answer to their problem. I never had my face on a billboard or the side of a bus and it hasn’t mattered.

I’ve decided to keep growing my coaching practice the same way.

There are some excellent, ethical coaches who do advertise on social media or celebrate their profits, and I’m not saying that anyone who has ever used any of the above strategies is bad. I just know these strategies are not in alignment for me.

But what does that mean for you, my loyal podcast listener who has benefitted from the podcast and might be disappointed or baffled by my decision?

It’s up to you!

  • You can go back to listening to music instead of me blabbing, now that you’ve solved all your problems. 😂
  • You can bookmark my blog, which I will periodically update.
  • You can contact me anytime if you want to see how I can help you overcome burnout — or manifest something in your personal life that has eluded you because you’ve been too busy with your career.
  • You can buy the book I am going to write. I will announce it on my blog when it is time. Any future classes will also be announced here.
  • And lawyers, you can attend the NCLC conference in Seattle this fall and say hello!
SaraEllen, feminine energy coach and flower essence practitioner

Thanks again for listening. I hope you will stay in my world and that I can continue to be a part of yours, even as contrarian and old-fashioned as I may be.