Break Through Your Money Blocks

In August 2022, I took a “demi-vacation” where I worked in my law practice quite a bit less than usual.  And I needed the break. August was the month of my wedding, I had just concluded some matters in my caseload, and finished the first draft of my book that’s going to be published inContinue reading “Break Through Your Money Blocks”

How To Get More Done — So You Can Have More Fun

A lack of work-life balance is why so many professional women are unhappy. Are you tired of feeling like you spent all day “working” but crossed only one or two things off your to-do list? Do you take work home with you on the weekends, or spend half of your vacation at the desk insideContinue reading “How To Get More Done — So You Can Have More Fun”

Flower Essence Coaching: For When Positive Thinking Is Not Enough

Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit requires more than just thoughtwork and positive thinking. Are you tired of having to get coached on the same issue again and again? Do you beat yourself up for not “getting it” because “it’s just a thought” and you should know better? Do you sometimes feel worse after gettingContinue reading “Flower Essence Coaching: For When Positive Thinking Is Not Enough”

How to Recover from Burnout

Do you think you might have burnout? Feeling overwhelmed, constantly stressed about work, and often feel like quitting? Waking up in the middle of the night full of dread and worry about work? Is it also taking its toll on your physical energy, weight, health and wellbeing? You might have burnout. And it’s very commonContinue reading “How to Recover from Burnout”