How to Dress for Authentic Confidence.

Have you ever heard advice like, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have?” Or read somewhere that people will take you more seriously if you wear dark colors instead of bright ones? Have you tried to build a capsule wardrobe to look “more professional” but felt flummoxed because you still didn’tContinue reading “How to Dress for Authentic Confidence.”

“I don’t know what I want” isn’t true.

I frequently encounter people who state that they don’t know what they want. They’re not satisfied with their current circumstances, but they claim they don’t know what else they would do. They’re usually bored with their job. They find a lot of fault with they person they’re dating. They’re not particularly engaged with the moviesContinue reading ““I don’t know what I want” isn’t true.”

Why Are Professional Women Quiet Quitting?

Quiet Quitting is a first world problem. And, it doesn’t have to be your problem. They say 50% of workers are quiet quitting. What that really tells us is that 50% of us are burned out and not happy at our jobs, and doing just the minimum. “Another day, another dollar. Ho hum.” And whileContinue reading “Why Are Professional Women Quiet Quitting?”

Feminine Power Wisdom From Stevie Nicks

I came across a Stevie Nicks quote the other day that really got me thinking about feminine power. “When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical,Continue reading “Feminine Power Wisdom From Stevie Nicks”

Feminine Energy, Mental Health and Earth-Centered Values

The Mental Health of Professional Women is Inextricably Tied to Embracing Feminine Energy and Earth-Centered Values A series in the New York Times published September 20, 2022 called “It’s Not Just You: A Times Opinion Project on mental health and society in America today” explores the myriad ways the increase in mental illness in ourContinue reading “Feminine Energy, Mental Health and Earth-Centered Values”

Quiet Quitting Isn’t the Real Problem

They say that professional women are “quiet quitting.” Why? Have you ever worked so hard that you subconsciously silenced your soul? Workaholism is often a sign that we’re we listening to culture and family expectations instead of ourselves. And it is very disorienting when we jump to meet those expectations but find that there isn’t energyContinue reading “Quiet Quitting Isn’t the Real Problem”

Break Through Your Money Blocks

In August 2022, I took a “demi-vacation” where I worked in my law practice quite a bit less than usual.  And I needed the break. August was the month of my wedding, I had just concluded some matters in my caseload, and finished the first draft of my book that’s going to be published inContinue reading “Break Through Your Money Blocks”

How To Get More Done — So You Can Have More Fun

A lack of work-life balance is why so many professional women are unhappy. Are you tired of feeling like you spent all day “working” but crossed only one or two things off your to-do list? Do you take work home with you on the weekends, or spend half of your vacation at the desk insideContinue reading “How To Get More Done — So You Can Have More Fun”

Flower Essence Coaching: For When Positive Thinking Is Not Enough

Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit requires more than just thoughtwork and positive thinking. Are you tired of having to get coached on the same issue again and again? Do you beat yourself up for not “getting it” because “it’s just a thought” and you should know better? Do you sometimes feel worse after gettingContinue reading “Flower Essence Coaching: For When Positive Thinking Is Not Enough”