Inner Peace... no ordinary "career advice" or "mindset" podcast.
Here, we talk about the soul and spirit of the professional woman.

A Different Kind of Podcast 

Lawyers and other professional women often feel overwhelmed by the demands of their work, unable to find the time to get everything done, and frustrated when that means they miss out on self-care and quality time with the people they love.

And too often, “hustle” just takes more time and causes more stress.

It’s time to change the approach, so a responsible career can be sustainable — and even kind of fun.

The Podcast, Inner Peace for Busy Lawyers, teaches professional women how to be calmer, more confident, and create more time for what’s important to them — at work, and in their life outside of work.

Listen as SaraEllen Hutchison, a seasoned litigator and Life Coach School-certified coach, brings fresh perspectives and actionable strategies to transform stress and overwhelm into fulfillment in work and life!