Break Through Your Money Blocks

heal money blocks - life coach SaraEllen Hutchison

In August 2022, I took a “demi-vacation” where I worked in my law practice quite a bit less than usual. 

And I needed the break.

August was the month of my wedding, I had just concluded some matters in my caseload, and finished the first draft of my book that’s going to be published in October.

After about ten days of a lighter schedule, I found myself feeling a bit anxious, and almost guilty about how much free time I had. 

This really surprised me because my motto is “Truth, Justice and Vacation,” and I have always taken great pride in how much I have succeeded in having a lot of free time compared to many lawyers.

I did some emotional processing work like what I teach my coaching clients to do, and some ugly money stuff came up.

I realized that yep, there was another layer of Protestant Work Ethic on Crack percolating through my nervous system, telling me that I was going to end up living out of a shopping cart under the I-90 overpass if I didn’t find some paper to push, like right away.

I realized that I had another bit of generational and cultural money/work trauma to release.

So of course, I used Flower Essences. I worked with my own coach and energy healer. I had some wonderful long talks with two of my besties before sending one of them off to Burning Man.

And wow — I am so glad I was willing to confront those places where I had more healing to do. Because even though it was really uncomfortable at times, it was so worth it.

The insights I got from needing to process this have all gone into my book and are informing my work with my coaching clients on a whole new level.

It’s really something, and can be your breakthrough, too.

We are always evolving; you are never going to be “finished” growing as a human being.

The choice is: are you going to feel stuck for years, or are you going to use your challenges as an immediate fuel source for your honest, heartfelt goals?

I definitely choose the latter, and can teach you to do the same. Learn how.