Work-life balance & better time management for women lawyers

You Are the Lawyergoddess

You are not quite like the other women lawyers.

You never wanted to trade in your femininity, or your integrity, for the sake of your law career.

Your soul is calling for you to express the fullness of who you are. As a lawyer. As a woman.

You are ready to tap into your real power.

Imagine working in the adversarial system without an adversarial vibe. 

Imagine being you, and knowing you belong.

When you do the opposite of what most lawyers do, you tap into a superpower that will set you apart from most of the lawyers around you.

Wherever you are in your practice, this is the beginning of true freedom. 

Work-life balance & better time management for women lawyers

The legal industry can’t give you everything you need.

Less than 40% of practicing lawyers are women.

But just look at the world. It needs women leaders, doing things differently.

To step into your power as a woman lawyer, you need a different strategy than just to “lean in” more.

You can leverage the power of intention. Yes, even in the law.

Work-life balance & better time management for women lawyers

It’s time to redefine what it means to be an effective woman lawyer.

Hustle, perfectionism and competition lead to hours in the evenings and weekends that you don’t want to spend on the law.

You’re dedicated and willing to work hard. You just know there is a better way.

Work-life balance & better time management for women lawyers

You are ready to own your time. 

Most lawyers think that time is a scarce resource.

But you have also heard that you can expand and collapse time.

You’d like that to be true for you as a lawyer, and not just some out-there woo.

A free spirit like you can totally nail it in this world, with the right tools.

You are ready to be the Lawyergoddess you are.


Lawyergoddess Workshop

$ 6,000 USD
  • The three-month transformation for women lawyers to reclaim emotional and time freedom.

Lawyergoddess Exclusive

$ 9,000 USD
  • Three months of high-impact, exclusive access private coaching for life and/or law.
What my clients say:

More Testimonials

"Coaching with SaraEllen has been THE game changer for me to decide to return to my career in a new and sustainable way.

Eight months ago, after a particularly grueling period in life and the law, I found myself looking back on my career the same way a person might decide to sit back and stare at the metaphorical last straw and watch it break a camel’s back. After heroically practicing law for the first 10 years in a savvy, ahead of the curve, international, do-goody, field (chock full of matters and issues and fires….oh my!)—I felt it was the right time to quit. However, in my heart of hearts, I felt sad. I didn’t want to. But I had had enough. If some kind of magical butterfly net appeared to catch me gently and bring me back, I would certainly be open and surprised by the plot twist. But deep down I had already decided the way things were wasn’t going to work anymore. I am a successful lawyer and a woman who, at the end of the day, who is human. I am allowed to be human. I don’t personally think there’s something wrong in saying that…but it’s not a popular viewpoint.
Enter SaraEllen.
Last October, I ran across an online seminar that SaraEllen created for women lawyers. I joined. I was so impressed with her creativity and application of common (and painful) insights and realizations that women lawyers have that I decided to give coaching with her a last ditch shot.

Eight months later, I am back. I am starting my own firm, gaining momentum, and keeping the peace inside. I am beginning to view my practicing law now as the foundation for a new house I am building, where I belong, and where I have power and influence.
SaraEllen is truly a lawyer goddess herself who works tenaciously to bring out the very best in each of the women she coaches. What I love about working with her the most is that she truly gets the fight (inside and out) and relates to it personally. She doesn’t act above it, and that’s important, because as women we need to keep it real and have eachother’s backs as much as we can. That quality is hard to find in law.

If you are someone who likewise struggles with the myriad challenges that come with being a mostly feminine leader in a mostly masculine field, I highly recommend reaching out to her. The workshop materials and sessions are accessible and (aah!) fun. We all need to stop thinking it’s ok to volunteer with gratitude to burn out—it’s really not what the legal profession needs and we can change that."
Boston, MA
"SaraEllen is an awesome coach for women lawyers! I'm just finishing up the Lawyergoddess Workshop and highly recommend it. I'm more calm, confident and effective in my law practice and personal life. I've learned so much from SaraEllen's wise and practical coaching as well as from the other members of my Lawyergoddess workshop cohort. It's been so fun to interact with like-minded women lawyers from all over the continent. It's reassuring I'm not alone with imposter syndrome, overwhelm, procrastination, indecisiveness, general discontent and a feeling there must be more.

The Lawyergoddess program has helped me tremendously with all of that. I've had more growth professionally in the last six months than over the previous 16 years.

One of the most valuable things is being less hard on myself. I have more energy and time for getting things done when I can interrupt negative self talk and unnecessary worries. I've been in private practice for 16 years. I'm a partner with a successful firm. I have earned respect from clients and colleagues. Despite that, I was feeling pretty immature and insecure in myself as a lawyer. I'm learning to trust and respect myself more. I'm learning my style and strengths, and refining the vibe I put out in the world to get the results I want for my life.

My circumstances are the same, but after SaraEllen's program, my perspective is shifting. The tools SaraEllen teaches have empowered me to manage my thoughts and time better, and achieve a better quality of life and law practice.

I've done many other self-help programs and methods, but the Lawyergoddess program brings everything all together perfectly, like it was made just for me. It's key that SaraEllen is a practicing lawyer. She gets it. She's also a great listener, and she's so funny!

Thanks to the Universe and Facebook targeted marketing for connecting me with SaraEllen, the Lawyergoddess Workshop and the Inner Peace for Busy Lawyers podcast!"
Helena, MT