Flower Essence Coaching: For When Positive Thinking Is Not Enough

SaraEllen | Flower Essence Practitioner & Life Coach

“By nature we have no defect that could not become a strength, no strength that could not become a defect.” — Goethe

Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit requires more than just thoughtwork and positive thinking.

Are you tired of having to get coached on the same issue again and again?
Do you beat yourself up for not “getting it” because “it’s just a thought” and you should know better?
Do you sometimes feel worse after getting coaching or practicing your positive affirmations?
If so, this is not your fault, and there’s nothing wrong with you.

Trying to solve longstanding blocks, traumas, and emotional issues with thoughtwork, positive thinking or mindset alone is like trying to unscrew a screw with a hammer.

It probably won’t work, and will only leave you more frustrated when you’ve made the problem worse.

It’s also similar to trying to clean an entire locker room with just a toothbrush.

You might get there eventually, and some people do….but it’s going to take a while.

The harder we try to solve emotional and vibrational issues with thoughts alone, the risk is that we make ourselves “wrong” for feeling bad.

This is the slowest way to heal.

When we are feeling lost and stuck, the harder we try to fix the problem at the level of our thoughts, the more we judge ourselves when it doesn’t work.

But that’s what a lot of people do when they try for month after month, year after year, to solve certain problems by exclusively using positive thinking or cognitive behavioral approaches (like Brooke Castillo’s Self-Coaching Model).

Some issues simply resist resolution on the purely intellectual level.

The Self-Coaching Model is a powerful tool and a map for the Universe, but “the map is not the territory.”

I love Brooke Castillo/The Life Coach School’s Self-Coaching Model. It’s one of the main tools I use in my life and to help my clients.

The Model, however, has no magical power to make you believe a new thing even after you really see how your Unintentional Models (default negative thoughts) are creating your results. Sometimes the insight is enough to shift an issue for good, but if you have been coached on the same thing again and again after you have a pretty good handle on it, you have an energetic issue that most often cannot be solved with more Models or more affirmations.

Your Intentional Models (desired positive thoughts and beliefs) are not available to you until you have shifted your energy — your vibe — your feelings, of course. But how?

Energetic Blocks and Emotional Issues are best solved by combining the Model with Energetic Healing.

We humans are vibrational beings. We are not just annoying, hard-to-control brains strolling around on legs. We have neurons in our hearts and in our guts. Our bodies are timed to the seasons, the sun and the moon.

Our conscious minds are about 2% of our power, just like the tip of an iceberg. So why would we ever try to solve our most difficult personal and soul issues using only just that 2%?

That’s not how I coach. (I’m a bit of a rebel.)

Why? It simply does not move the needle. When you are valiantly trying to get yourself to believe a new thought you don’t yet believe, you make little progress when your body doesn’t believe the new thought.

I love the Model, and I know firsthand that it is one of the most efficient and effective tools ever developed. But in my own personal development and working with my coaching clients, I don’t use the Model or any other mindset approach by itself. It has to be combined with other modalities.

I use Flower Essences, which are vibrational remedies that assist healing of emotional and spiritual issues.

Flower Essences are not essential oils. They’re akin to homeopathic remedies like Arnica, where none of the original physical substance remains in the remedy, but the vibration stays behind. You can read more about Flower Essences here.

I have worked with Flower Essences for 20 years. I am also a Certified Deep Dive Coach through Bev Aron.

This combination of Flower Essences and Deep Dive coaching is the most powerful thing I know of to heal Mind, Body, and Spirit. This way, you can bust through whatever your current plateau may be that has you so frustrated. And, the Intentional Models can be so much more accessible to you, once your deeper energetic and emotional patterns are permanently shifted.

No human is ever 100% “done,” and we will always be evolving, growing and learning. But, I love to see people bust through their plateaus and resolve “tough” or longstanding issues so they can move on to using thoughtwork primarily to create what they want going forward.

If you are tired of spinning your wheels on the same issue(s) and are ready to accelerate your healing, you are reading this for a reason.

Let Nature help you, with my guidance. Contact me to set up a consultation! I would be honored to be of assistance on this stage of your work, business and life!