SaraEllen Hutchison, Life Coach, Feminine Energy Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Reader for Professional Women

Have you ever wondered,

If I'm so smart, why do I still have problems like:


Why do I feel burned out in my career?

relationship struggles

Why do I feel unfulfilled in my personal relationships?


Why can't I just stop all these negative thoughts?

can't manifest

Why can't I finally get what I want?

It's likely because of these

Four Saboteurs

Educational Indoctrination

We are indoctrinated to work hard, not smart, at the expense of our health. School doesn't teach you how to emotionally handle it. Most advice is just to be "tougher," but it doesn't work.

Toxic Positivity

Western culture leads us to believe that there is something wrong with us when we experience or display unpleasant emotions. (Especially if you're female.) So, we stuff them down.

The Patriarchy

There is mass gaslighting going on that nobody talks about. Especially in male-occupied fields, the needs, talents and values of women are devalued and discounted -- a breeding ground for impostor syndrome and worse.


A lot of counseling and coaching is just a "band aid" of unconvincing reassurance, or "just talk" that keeps you stuck retelling the old painful stories without changing your beliefs or results.


Feminine Energy


When you stop pursuing only what you've been told to want, and start allowing yourself to have what you really want, you stop second-guessing yourself and start enjoying life.

Queen Energy

When you learn how to feel all your feelings without losing your shit, you become that woman that people just want to be around.


When you tune into the spiritual and emotional power of nature through Flower Essence remedies, you reconnect with your femininity, your humanness, and the earth.


Your intuition -- and the wisdom of another woman with the skill to ask powerful questions -- changes your beliefs at the deepest core level.

…and that’s when everything you desire rushes toward you.

My Clients Report Results Like

  • Finally no longer believing limiting things about themselves.
  • Making decisions to please themselves and not other people — decisions that they’ve been putting off for years.
  • More confidence speaking up at work.
  • The courage to ask for what they want and need — personally and professionally.
  • Remaining much calmer in high-conflict situations.
  • Getting along better with their romantic partner.
  • Better work-life balance and taking better care of their health and fitness.
  • Feeling renewed interest and passion for their work.
  • Raises and new jobs!
  • I’ve also had clients get marriage proposals from their partners during the time they’re working with me, but I give them 100% of the credit for that. 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

I get you results faster, so that you get what you came for and no longer need me.

I do this by combining the best of coaching, mentoring, and healing, and omitting the filler, the obvious, and the bullshit that you might have already tried.

It can help to delineate the differences between coaches, mentors and healers.

A COACH is someone who can help you see what you’re not seeing, similar to a sports coach.

Coaching differs from mental health therapy in that a coach does not diagnose you with a condition or begin helping you from the assumption that there’s something wrong that needs fixing. Coaching starts from the assumption that you have your own answers and wisdom.

My coaching method uses inquiry to help you untangle the errors and limits in your thinking and beliefs so that you can create different outcomes in your life. I am certified by both the Life Coach School and Bev Aron’s Advanced Deep Dive Coaching institute. I have additional hours of training in Psychodrama.

My speciality is getting you to the place where your negative beliefs just become completely obsolete, replaced with the truth. And I love it when someone thinks they’re a “hard case.”

A MENTOR is someone who generally gives good advice and can help you make connections in your career. A mentor has walked in the same or similar shoes. A mentor gives advice from her personal experience, and inspires you to more. “If she can do it, I can do it too.”

I include mentoring with many of my clients who need specific strategies and conversation scripts for conflicts or power struggles at work or in their romantic relationship. 

My advice and strategies for how to handle difficult conversations and situations are based on 17 of years working in high-conflict patriarchal environments. 

I can teach you how to also be powerful in similar situations or places, while remaining authentic. I can help you powerfully navigate anything you have going on at work or at home.

A HEALER helps you remember the truth of your wholeness and power. If you have ever experienced frustration that you had a therapy or coaching session, or went to a workshop, but the positive effect didn’t last, it is because these things gave you great things to think about intellectually, but didn’t shift things on an energetic level.

The body stores emotions. You can try to talk yourself into a new positive belief all you want, but without energetic support, it may not stick, or it may take a whole lot longer. This is the experience many smart women have when they do years of therapy, or a multitude of different personal development courses, but remain very frustrated and stuck in one or more areas of their lives.

This is why I offer energetic and spiritual healing alongside coaching and mentoring. 

Flower Essences are vibrational remedies that support you between coaching/mentoring sessions and make the entire process go faster. You can read more about Flower Essences here.

I totally remember feeling that way. I can say that working with someone who combines coaching, mentoring and energy healing helps you grow and evolve much faster than you could on your own. 

And if you are reading this, you might have been trying lots of different things for many years to manage stress, overcome unhappiness, or manifest your soulmate or some other dream.

“Doing it on our own” is what many of us smart women try to do, for years, because we think somehow we’re weak or will look dumb if we ask for help. And then we make ourselves wrong when we’re still struggling after all our effort.

Some smart women try to intellectualize their way through the pain of unfulfillment, and look to their careers to fill a void. “I worked so hard for this achievement, why am I so unhappy?” 

And then they look around and wonder why there is no mentoring or support where they work.

Unfortunately, many workplaces are stuck in old patriarchal ways of doing things, where women are afraid that some other woman is going to take their seat at the table, leaving all the women isolated and guarded.

My mission is to uplift women and normalize the feminine values of collaboration, cooperation and support as traits showing strength and empowerment, and not as a sign of weakness. Reaching out for help is an empowered thing for you to do.

Many women find that continuously repeating their negative stories in conventional mental health therapy doesn’t do anything to shift the results in their life.

And…often, they are tired of being smarter than their therapist. Know what I mean? 

I tried traditional talk therapy and counseling off and on in my 20s and early 30s for “garden variety” stressors like getting dumped, repaying student loans, working for bad bosses, arguing with my mother, and being jobless for a while during the Recession. I regularly felt small, broken, embarrassed and talked down to in traditional counseling. I also had some trauma, and retelling the stories always made me feel worse. 

Thankfully, a couple of the counselors I saw made me feel very seen and heard, and they never looked at me like I had an “adjustment disorder” just for being normal and doing my best to deal with some fairly common, normal shit. (If you are reading this, you know who you are, and I bless you.)

Thankfully, I addressed the underlying nutritional causes for some of my mood issues and found some practitioners who were able to help me heal some family and personal trauma. 

I also had Flower Essences, which I credit with a huge part of my healing and evolution. It was the process of healing myself that helped me learn Flower Essences.

But back to you. Know that I am not a mental health professional or a doctor. I am a coach and spiritual mentor. I do not diagnose or treat any medical or mental health condition. And if you have one that is well-managed with the appropriate treatment and now need the kind of practical and spiritual help I offer, I’m here. 

Once any clinically-significant issues are addressed with the appropriate professional help, I am here to help you stop feeling like you’re broken and help you start getting what you want. 

My approach is behavioral, practical and spiritual — which is different from the disease/disorder model of the world.

If you have any questions about whether you’re a candidate for this work, talk to me, and talk to your doctor before making any decision.

For many who get tired of telling their story in therapy, mindset work and thought work seems like the magic missing piece: “wow! My thoughts ultimately create my results!” 

Unfortunately, a great deal of coaching available today is merely prescriptive: “therefore, think more positive thoughts.”


And so the tendency for a lot of smart, self-aware women is to then judge themselves for having negative thoughts and uncomfortable emotions. The inner dialogue goes something like this: 

“My thoughts create my reality, therefore I suck if I can’t stop thinking them. I see other women manifesting money, promotions, romantic partners…I’m just as capable and smart but these negative thoughts get in the way. Therefore, I must be the weirdo who can’t stop thinking them. OMG, what is wrong with me?”

It’s like the old adage of when you have a hammer, everything is a nail. But sometimes trying to think or reason your way through a problem is not the tool that’s needed.

This is why mindset work, without processing emotion and addressing the energetic, doesn’t go deep enough to be transformational. Mindset alone doesn’t enlist the power of your emotions and energy body. That’s why you might still be frustrated with certain issues after lots of mindset work.

My method addresses all these deficiencies, because that’s what I had to do to heal myself. What I do with my coaching/mentoring/healing clients is equally grounded in the practical, action-based and behavioral, and in the energetic.

I combine the Life Coach School tools (e.g., the Model), and spiritual approaches such as creative visualization, Bach Flower Essences and Feminine Energy in a way that you won’t find anywhere else.

That’s a really good thing to ask yourself. I believe it depends on the situation.

Say for example you are currently doing a program that is subject-specific, like advancing your career or losing weight. 

If you feel like you need additional support to really believe you can and will make the changes those programs are designed to help you do, my combination of Deep Dive coaching and Flower Essences can be a great support for you. With me, you will get the level of attention and support to swiftly go straight to the heart of the core beliefs that stand in the way of you getting the most out of some other topic-specific work you are doing.

But sometimes, I recommend that my clients simplify: Do less journaling. Do fewer routines. Skip the gratitude practice morning, noon and night — and just relax!

Many well-intentioned women overload their plate with self-improvement efforts. But often, less is more. This is a big reason why I am such an advocate of using Flower Essences along with the Deep Dive coaching sessions. 

When you have that energetic support operating in the background without you having to “DO” things like writing out more affirmations, or meditate and journal for more than 20 minutes each per day, you are freed up to just live life and not constantly be on the warpath of fixing yourself. 

And when you receive a Deep Dive coaching session from me, we go right to the heart of your assumed and not always fully-conscious beliefs. It’s remarkably efficient.

When you sign up for a package of coaching sessions, you’ll be invited to schedule them on days and times that work for you. Each session is one hour long and is conducted via Zoom. I require you to be in a safe place free of distractions (not in a moving vehicle, not in a coffee shop).

I am typically available Monday through Thursday for sessions.

I recommend that my clients schedule sessions every 7-10 days.

If you are already doing other coaching, healing or energy work with someone else, that’s great!

I do like you to keep in touch with me via Slack. After you sign up, I will invite you to a private Slack channel, where I will give you written coaching support Monday through Thursday during regular business hours, Pacific time (Seattle, WA, USA). You may focus on one coaching issue per week to Slack, and I will respond about once every 24 hours. (You can bring any issue — it does not have to be the same one we coached on during your live Zoom session.) Sometimes your most powerful shifts can just come from contemplating a thought-provoking question.

Following your first coaching session, I will mail you a custom Flower Essence blend. You might stay on the same blend during the entire duration of your six sessions, but usually there are slight changes as you make progress.

Additional Terms and Conditions applying to your use of this information and my services are posted here.

No human is ever completely “done;” we are always evolving.

That does not mean that you will need any one coach or healer forever. 

Anybody who tells you it’s going to take YEARS is probably just trying to oversell you, especially if you are doing or have already done other work on an issue.

While some people might just need eight sessions over a two-month period, some people need three to twelve months to fully transform a longstanding issue. 

I will offer you my perspective, and you are always in charge of how long you want to work with any practitioner or modality.

I am a firm believer in offering my services in the spirit of mutual respect for our respective resources (money and time). 

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I am currently offering a package for $1,500 which includes: Eight hourlong coaching sessions, custom Flower Essences, and Slack support Monday through Thursday, subject to SE Coaching, LLC’s Terms and Conditions. 


"SaraEllen is an awesome coach for women lawyers! I'm just finishing up the Lawyergoddess Workshop and highly recommend it. I'm more calm, confident and effective in my law practice and personal life. I've learned so much from SaraEllen's wise and practical coaching as well as from the other members of my Lawyergoddess workshop cohort. It's been so fun to interact with like-minded women lawyers from all over the continent. It's reassuring I'm not alone with imposter syndrome, overwhelm, procrastination, indecisiveness, general discontent and a feeling there must be more.

The Lawyergoddess program has helped me tremendously with all of that. I've had more growth professionally in the last six months than over the previous 16 years.

One of the most valuable things is being less hard on myself. I have more energy and time for getting things done when I can interrupt negative self talk and unnecessary worries. I've been in private practice for 16 years. I'm a partner with a successful firm. I have earned respect from clients and colleagues. Despite that, I was feeling pretty immature and insecure in myself as a lawyer. I'm learning to trust and respect myself more. I'm learning my style and strengths, and refining the vibe I put out in the world to get the results I want for my life.

My circumstances are the same, but after SaraEllen's program, my perspective is shifting. The tools SaraEllen teaches have empowered me to manage my thoughts and time better, and achieve a better quality of life and law practice.

I've done many other self-help programs and methods, but the Lawyergoddess program brings everything all together perfectly, like it was made just for me. It's key that SaraEllen is a practicing lawyer. She gets it. She's also a great listener, and she's so funny!

Thanks to the Universe and Facebook targeted marketing for connecting me with SaraEllen, the Lawyergoddess Workshop and the Inner Peace for Busy Lawyers podcast!"

“SaraEllen is wonderful at what she does and should be proud. She is very intuitive with people and has a graceful way of helping clients realize for themselves the things she is seeing. When clients are not able to see it themselves, SaraEllen does a good job of pointing it out without being critical. And her superpower is Analogies 🙂

Thank you for instilling hope, confidence, and peace within me. I have transitioned from viewing myself as an employee to a boss and entrepreneur. By learning about why it is important to just make decisions and later adjust if necessary—rather than just wavering in the wind—-it has motivated me to make quicker decisions and I have. I have also been showing up more as the authority rather than seeking everyone else’s opinion. Going in to court/meetings/phone calls, I now know that my empathy and femininity is my superpower rather than my weakness, and I don’t have to “be” any way but myself. Two other critical takeaways for me have been 1) receiving and developing tools for dealing with difficult opposing counsel and 2) learning that boundaries are created WITHIN and how to hold true to those!”



“I was overwhelmed with being a single parent and busy litigator, constantly stressed about not having enough time to get anything done, full of worry and self-doubt, and emotionally drained.  I felt like everything sucked.  

Through coaching, SaraEllen taught me how to set boundaries at work and take back my calendar.  She also taught me how to honor myself and build self-confidence by reminding me that my thoughts are not facts, and how to pivot negative thoughts into positive thoughts that serve me and my goals.  

I am in a much better place now thanks to SaraEllen’s coaching.  For anyone on the fence about coaching, take a leap of faith and sign up to work with SaraEllen.  You will not regret it.” 



“Just finished an amazing coaching session with SaraEllen! SaraEllen…you are a true gift! I walked away feeling empowered and with new tools for my toolbox – both personally and professionally – that I cannot wait to put into practice.” 


North Carolina

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