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It’s frustrating and exhausting when all the things we think we need to do in order to survive at work are counterproductive to the relationships we have with our partners, families, friends and even ourselves.

Although you’re working in a historically “male” profession or position, you never wanted to trade in your soul, or forego thriving relationships, for the sake of your career.

You’re here, reading this, because your soul knows there’s a better way. It’s just that nobody has taught you how to make it work. Until now.

I’m SaraEllen, and I teach this way.

Even though many women can have, do, or be whatever we want today, it can manifest as a quarter-life or midlife crisis, or burnout, when we realize that our career can’t give us everything our heart needs. 

Many women reach professional milestones only to feel very betrayed by a system that seems rigged to force them to choose between professional and personal dreams.

We work for years for education, achievements and accolades, believing we will finally be satisfied when we “get there.”

But “there” often means putting our wellbeing, hobbies, personal life and dreams on the back burner.

All the while making less money than our male counterparts, and feeling like none of our relationships, personal and professional, are working.

And so phrases like, “me too,” “I dissent,” and “we can do hard things” have so much truth.

We dissent loudly to our girlfriends or our mom. We dissent quietly in our journals. But usually, we wake up again tomorrow to “try harder this time.”

But for women to rise up and claim all our dreams as valid, it takes more than a phrase or mantra.

And contrary to the ways most of us try to improve our relationships and our self-belief, it’s not always about doing more.

To step into your power as a woman and summon the Universe to your desires, you need a different strategy than just to “lean in” more.

It’s about who we decide to BE. It’s a radical, but elegant shift. It’s when we decide to be women first, and our job title, second.

Imagine standing up for what’s right at work or at home without feeling shrill, unnatural, or awkward. 

Imagine being you, and knowing you belong — around the men at your office or organization. Around the other women, too.

Imagine coming home to a partner who cherishes you and isn’t threatened by your accomplishments.

When you do the opposite of what most high-achieving women do, you tap into a superpower that will set you apart from the “women who hustle” (and are freaking exhausted!) around you.

Wherever you are in your career or life, this is the beginning of true freedom and real fulfillment. 

When women decide we are the Goddess everywhere — in the courtroom, boardroom, emergency room or corner office — then we can resurrect all our non-career dreams for our life.

Taking better care of ourselves becomes a natural extension of who we are, instead of another obligation on the calendar.

We start feeling like women again, and that old familiar numbness, feeling like a robot, or a scared deer in the headlights, is replaced with calm and confidence. And the sting of envy watching someone else get what we have wanted for a long time gradually alchemizes into real power and maturity.

SaraEllen life coach for women

If you are reading this, you are ready to tap into your real power, which will heal your relationships. Which will clear the air of so much stress in your work.

The good news is that you no longer have to choose between yourself and the expectations others have of you.

You can keep all your accomplishments. And, you can make yourself happy, too.

It just takes a little help from a coach and spiritual mentor who has walked in the same (or similar) vocational shoes, and has the tools to help you dramatically upgrade your life across all fronts.

You Can Summon the Universe to Your Desire.

Why a smart woman like you needs a coach

Just like in sports, a coach is someone who can help you see what you’re not seeing, and guide you to make the best of yourself, so you can get the results and performance you want.

And just like when you were in school, there’s a definite difference between learning from a book and a lecture and getting to have a real live conversation with a professor or mentor who really knows their stuff and wants to see you succeed. And then when you practice your new learnings on the field, in a clinic or internship, or on the job, you accelerate your growth much faster than you could just learning from a book.

The world’s best athletes all have coaches. The world’s top professionals in other fields have mentors.

Coaching/mentoring on matters of the heart, mind and spirit is very similar. You can try to teach yourself how to have the relationships, communication and life you want by yourself, or through deductive reasoning (hmm, maybe I won’t do what my dysfunctional friends are doing when I hear them complain about work and men) but it will take a lot longer without a coach or mentor. And haven’t you been waiting for what you want long enough?

That’s exactly what I mean. If you have ever wondered why if you’re so smart, you can’t seem to figure out how to deal with men, even the good ones — at work or in your personal life, it’s because you have had years of counterproductive conditioning and misinformation. And that’s not your fault. But it is your responsibility to change yourself before waiting for the rest of the world to get a clue.

“But what if I’m in therapy?”

Coaching, while it has some overlap with therapy in the approaches used, is a different paradigm and field. It is often a great addition to an overall personal growth plan, especially once you are past the initial acute stage of depression, anxiety or trauma. Once you are on your feet, it might be a good fit to do coaching while you maintain or wind down therapy. Consult with a qualified mental health professional or your doctor; it is always YOUR decision with the advice of your therapist or doctor.

“Is this like law of attraction and woo-woo stuff?”

My coaching methods are equally grounded in the practical, action-based and behavioral, and in the energetic. No, I don’t (usually…) have people sit around and visualize a new car getting dropped in their driveway by their guardian angel. But I do know that 99.99% of our obstacles have an energetic component. Energy gets stored in the body, and is amplified out. 

The transformation into the life you want can occur with changing your beliefs, your emotions, and by assisting that process with energetic support. Or some combination thereof! 

To the degree that you are comfortable and interested in the energetic component, your coaching may include visualization, archetypal work, and Tarot and energy tools. These things provide profound additional support to the core coaching program.


For those of you who already have an established self-coaching or spiritual practice, or are already working with another life coach or practitioner on a specific area, I have a special option to support you: Flower Essences, also known as Bach Flower Remedies.

Flower Essences are a form of energetic and emotional healing. They are gentle, but extremely powerful energetic support for our soul’s growth. 

They are akin to homeopathic remedies, where little to none of the substance remains in the bottle containing the remedy, but the vibrational imprint remains. If you have ever taken Arnica for sore muscles, or Rescue Remedy for stress or to help you sleep, you have already used something similar to the Flower Essences I use.

I work primarily with the Flower Essences produced by Flower Essence Services in California (where I completed a weeklong training) as well as the original Bach Remedies and the Desert Alchemy essences of Arizona. If you want to learn more about Flower Essences, I encourage you to read this helpful article by Flower Essence pioneers Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski: What are Flower Essences?

I have used Flower Essences for over twenty years, on myself, friends, family and coaching clients. I credit Flower Essences with helping me manage the stress of law school and the bar exam in two states. I also credit them with their huge role in helping me heal my own traumas.

I also believe that working with an experienced Flower Essence Practitioner, certified coach and spiritual mentor is way more efficient than picking essences on your own (at least in the beginning) so I encourage you to click the “Apply Now to Speak with SaraEllen” button if you feel intrigued or called by this.

What You'll Learn and How You'll Grow

Here are the core subjects you can expect to cover when you hire me to coach and/or mentor you. This is customized based on your needs.


Whether your self-care routine is nonexistent or it’s pretty good and just needs a little fine-tuning, we will get you set up for the success and balance you desire. You will find something that works for you and the certainty to stick with it.

Emotional Intelligence for Goddesses

I teach you how to get over the tremendous pressure to “be less emotional,” and manage your emotions to your advantage like a Queen. The difference is critically important. My clients often feel much calmer, less triggered, more tolerant and much kinder to themselves.


They’re not what most people think. If you’ve had trouble setting or enforcing boundaries, it’s not because of a lack of willpower or assertiveness. It’s just that you were probably taught wrong. Once you have the right way, you won’t feel as stepped on or as shy when there is conflict.


Yep, we have thousands of years of the patriarchy that we deal with on a daily basis in myriad ways, but we don’t need to cry in our rosé about it. And, it isn’t simply about fighting back. We can learn to love men, inspire the best behavior out of the good ones, and hold our own around the not-so-good ones. 

Time Creation

Even if your primary concern is the quality of your romantic or work relationships, having more time for yourself and others is going to go a long way to create fertile soil for the relationships you want to thrive. And, there is a shocking underlying connection between a lot of the time management troubles high achieving women experience, and “respect in the workplace” type issues, with the relationship troubles they experience. Once you understand the underlying core cause of these problems, you won’t be able to un-see how you might be self-sabotaging. You’ll forever be better for it. And you’ll get to do more fun stuff outside of work.

But you can’t just get it from a book. Coaching is a bit Socratic, a bit mystical, a bit humorous, and full of ahas. There’s no substitute for live coaching (and the energetic component and/or Flower Essences, if you choose) and having the support to make the changes stick.

reclaim your power



$ 3,333
  • Three Months (12 One-Hour Sessions)
  • Private Slack with Monday Through Thursday Written Coaching
  • This is the Highest Level of Support and the Best Place to Start


$ 1,111
  • Four One-Hour Sessions (to Be used within 8 weeks as you wish)
  • Great if you have already coached with me, or you are already familiar with Life Coach School concepts (i.e. The Model)


$ 2,222
  • Three One-Hour Coaching Sessions Over Six Weeks
  • Two or Three Custom Flower Essence Blends
  • Private Slack With Monday Through Thursday Written Support



"Coaching with SaraEllen has been THE game changer for me to decide to return to my career in a new and sustainable way.

Eight months ago, after a particularly grueling period in life and the law, I found myself looking back on my career the same way a person might decide to sit back and stare at the metaphorical last straw and watch it break a camel’s back. After heroically practicing law for the first 10 years in a savvy, ahead of the curve, international, do-goody, field (chock full of matters and issues and fires….oh my!)—I felt it was the right time to quit. However, in my heart of hearts, I felt sad. I didn’t want to. But I had had enough. If some kind of magical butterfly net appeared to catch me gently and bring me back, I would certainly be open and surprised by the plot twist. But deep down I had already decided the way things were wasn’t going to work anymore. I am a successful lawyer and a woman who, at the end of the day, who is human. I am allowed to be human. I don’t personally think there’s something wrong in saying that…but it’s not a popular viewpoint.
Enter SaraEllen.
Last October, I ran across an online seminar that SaraEllen created for women lawyers. I joined. I was so impressed with her creativity and application of common (and painful) insights and realizations that women lawyers have that I decided to give coaching with her a last ditch shot.

Eight months later, I am back. I am starting my own firm, gaining momentum, and keeping the peace inside. I am beginning to view my practicing law now as the foundation for a new house I am building, where I belong, and where I have power and influence.
SaraEllen is truly a lawyer goddess herself who works tenaciously to bring out the very best in each of the women she coaches. What I love about working with her the most is that she truly gets the fight (inside and out) and relates to it personally. She doesn’t act above it, and that’s important, because as women we need to keep it real and have eachother’s backs as much as we can. That quality is hard to find in law.

If you are someone who likewise struggles with the myriad challenges that come with being a mostly feminine leader in a mostly masculine field, I highly recommend reaching out to her. The workshop materials and sessions are accessible and (aah!) fun. We all need to stop thinking it’s ok to volunteer with gratitude to burn out—it’s really not what the legal profession needs and we can change that."
"SaraEllen is an awesome coach for women lawyers! I'm just finishing up the Lawyergoddess Workshop and highly recommend it. I'm more calm, confident and effective in my law practice and personal life. I've learned so much from SaraEllen's wise and practical coaching as well as from the other members of my Lawyergoddess workshop cohort. It's been so fun to interact with like-minded women lawyers from all over the continent. It's reassuring I'm not alone with imposter syndrome, overwhelm, procrastination, indecisiveness, general discontent and a feeling there must be more.

The Lawyergoddess program has helped me tremendously with all of that. I've had more growth professionally in the last six months than over the previous 16 years.

One of the most valuable things is being less hard on myself. I have more energy and time for getting things done when I can interrupt negative self talk and unnecessary worries. I've been in private practice for 16 years. I'm a partner with a successful firm. I have earned respect from clients and colleagues. Despite that, I was feeling pretty immature and insecure in myself as a lawyer. I'm learning to trust and respect myself more. I'm learning my style and strengths, and refining the vibe I put out in the world to get the results I want for my life.

My circumstances are the same, but after SaraEllen's program, my perspective is shifting. The tools SaraEllen teaches have empowered me to manage my thoughts and time better, and achieve a better quality of life and law practice.

I've done many other self-help programs and methods, but the Lawyergoddess program brings everything all together perfectly, like it was made just for me. It's key that SaraEllen is a practicing lawyer. She gets it. She's also a great listener, and she's so funny!

Thanks to the Universe and Facebook targeted marketing for connecting me with SaraEllen, the Lawyergoddess Workshop and the Inner Peace for Busy Lawyers podcast!"

“SaraEllen is wonderful at what she does and should be proud. She is very intuitive with people and has a graceful way of helping clients realize for themselves the things she is seeing. When clients are not able to see it themselves, SaraEllen does a good job of pointing it out without being critical. And her superpower is Analogies 🙂

Thank you for instilling hope, confidence, and peace within me. I have transitioned from viewing myself as an employee to a boss and entrepreneur. By learning about why it is important to just make decisions and later adjust if necessary—rather than just wavering in the wind—-it has motivated me to make quicker decisions and I have. I have also been showing up more as the authority rather than seeking everyone else’s opinion. Going in to court/meetings/phone calls, I now know that my empathy and femininity is my superpower rather than my weakness, and I don’t have to “be” any way but myself. Two other critical takeaways for me have been 1) receiving and developing tools for dealing with difficult opposing counsel and 2) learning that boundaries are created WITHIN and how to hold true to those!”



“I was overwhelmed with being a single parent and busy litigator, constantly stressed about not having enough time to get anything done, full of worry and self-doubt, and emotionally drained.  I felt like everything sucked.  

Through coaching, SaraEllen taught me how to set boundaries at work and take back my calendar.  She also taught me how to honor myself and build self-confidence by reminding me that my thoughts are not facts, and how to pivot negative thoughts into positive thoughts that serve me and my goals.  

I am in a much better place now thanks to SaraEllen’s coaching.  For anyone on the fence about coaching, take a leap of faith and sign up to work with SaraEllen.  You will not regret it.” 



“Just finished an amazing coaching session with SaraEllen! SaraEllen…you are a true gift! I walked away feeling empowered and with new tools for my toolbox – both personally and professionally – that I cannot wait to put into practice.” 


North Carolina

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