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I do everything for everyone


I seriously do everything. If I didn’t do it, the world would come to a screeching halt. Oh, and I freeze up when people criticize me. Don’t they see how much I do for them?

Aloe vera flower essence - heal burnout

I'm burned out

aloe vera

I am feeling burned out lately. I push and push to get everything done. When I try to relax on the weekends, I have no creativity or juice left. I always feel like I should be working instead. How can I get my groove back?

Larch flower essence for confidence

I have impostor syndrome


I want more out of my life, but something in me just keeps saying I’m not good enough to have, do, or be more. I hate to think of how many times I’ve given up on myself. How can I be more confident?

You are ready


Are you educated and high-achieving, with a powerful resume — but feel puzzled that you let your boss mansplain you, your mother-in-law boss you around, and the sight of your calendar and to-do-list seems to dictate that you can’t have a happy, healthy life outside of work?

I help powerful women like you with those remaining issues or areas where you still don’t feel powerful.

That all changes when you completely break the spell of the patriarchy, and fully self-actualize.

Women like you who have made great effort to achieve in your career are often not adequately supported to be emotionally and spiritually healthy and powerful.

You go for years wondering why your life is so lopsided — powerful on your resume, but frustrated and self-doubting elsewhere.

It’s because part of you is still a little girl trying to find approval and safety in ways that your adult self knows aren’t working.

You shun this part of you, and armor yourself to survive, but this takes a huge toll on your spirit.

Here’s how to get out of this mess.


At the core of a woman’s healing is reviving her Feminine Energy. And this endeavor is inseparable from restoring her relationship with Nature.


You also need communication skills, emotional management, and time management skills that graduate schools and continuing professional education don’t teach.

When you have done all of the “Healing 101,” and are ready to finally bloom and thrive in ways that just talking it out in therapy or coaching can’t do, you’re ready for this work.


The 90 Day Flower Essence Intensive

The 90-day Flower Essence Intensive is for women who are ready to fully self-actualize into being their own authority.

I will mentor you, aided by custom Flower Essence blends I select, over the course of 90 days. Over your entire journey, you are continuously supported by the loving intelligence of the plant world — the vibrational remedies of Flowers.

Flower Essences go past your conscious mind beliefs and limitations to touch layers of your vibration and identity that mere “talk” or “mindset” can’t reach.

Over the course of 90 days, I will show you how to grow up all those vulnerable parts of yourself so you stop sabotaging your life with people-pleasing or fear.

The 90-day Flower Essence Intensive restores your relationship with Nature and awakens your Feminine Energy so that you fully actualize as a woman and as a human being.

This is the beginning of your REAL power as a woman.

And it feels wonderful to be powerful AND real at the same time.
SaraEllen, feminine energy coach & flower essence practitioner



Restores your sense of self after emotional or family trauma


Helps you break free from limiting influences so you can chart your own course

Fawn Lily (Avalanche Lily)

Helps you embrace your sensitivity while fully participating in the mundane world


Helps you resolve heavy-hearted grief and face the world with buoyant courage

Evening Primrose

Helps resolve difficult emotions about your mom and a feeling of being unwanted


Develops your inner authority

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The 90-day Flower Essence Intensive is unlike any other spiritual healing program, as you are energetically supported continuously for 90 days with custom Flower Essence blends. You also get twelve 55-minute one-on one Deep Dive coaching sessions and Slack support Monday through Thursday, subject to SE Coaching, LLC’s Terms and Conditions

After you purchase, you will be redirected to the page where you can schedule your sessions.

The fee for the 90-Day Flower Essence Intensive is $3,333 USD.


"SaraEllen is an awesome coach for women lawyers! I'm just finishing up the Lawyergoddess Workshop and highly recommend it. I'm more calm, confident and effective in my law practice and personal life. I've learned so much from SaraEllen's wise and practical coaching as well as from the other members of my Lawyergoddess workshop cohort. It's been so fun to interact with like-minded women lawyers from all over the continent. It's reassuring I'm not alone with imposter syndrome, overwhelm, procrastination, indecisiveness, general discontent and a feeling there must be more.

The Lawyergoddess program has helped me tremendously with all of that. I've had more growth professionally in the last six months than over the previous 16 years.

One of the most valuable things is being less hard on myself. I have more energy and time for getting things done when I can interrupt negative self talk and unnecessary worries. I've been in private practice for 16 years. I'm a partner with a successful firm. I have earned respect from clients and colleagues. Despite that, I was feeling pretty immature and insecure in myself as a lawyer. I'm learning to trust and respect myself more. I'm learning my style and strengths, and refining the vibe I put out in the world to get the results I want for my life.

My circumstances are the same, but after SaraEllen's program, my perspective is shifting. The tools SaraEllen teaches have empowered me to manage my thoughts and time better, and achieve a better quality of life and law practice.

I've done many other self-help programs and methods, but the Lawyergoddess program brings everything all together perfectly, like it was made just for me. It's key that SaraEllen is a practicing lawyer. She gets it. She's also a great listener, and she's so funny!

Thanks to the Universe and Facebook targeted marketing for connecting me with SaraEllen, the Lawyergoddess Workshop and the Inner Peace for Busy Lawyers podcast!"

“SaraEllen is wonderful at what she does and should be proud. She is very intuitive with people and has a graceful way of helping clients realize for themselves the things she is seeing. When clients are not able to see it themselves, SaraEllen does a good job of pointing it out without being critical. And her superpower is Analogies 🙂

Thank you for instilling hope, confidence, and peace within me. I have transitioned from viewing myself as an employee to a boss and entrepreneur. By learning about why it is important to just make decisions and later adjust if necessary—rather than just wavering in the wind—-it has motivated me to make quicker decisions and I have. I have also been showing up more as the authority rather than seeking everyone else’s opinion. Going in to court/meetings/phone calls, I now know that my empathy and femininity is my superpower rather than my weakness, and I don’t have to “be” any way but myself. Two other critical takeaways for me have been 1) receiving and developing tools for dealing with difficult opposing counsel and 2) learning that boundaries are created WITHIN and how to hold true to those!”



“I was overwhelmed with being a single parent and busy litigator, constantly stressed about not having enough time to get anything done, full of worry and self-doubt, and emotionally drained.  I felt like everything sucked.  

Through coaching, SaraEllen taught me how to set boundaries at work and take back my calendar.  She also taught me how to honor myself and build self-confidence by reminding me that my thoughts are not facts, and how to pivot negative thoughts into positive thoughts that serve me and my goals.  

I am in a much better place now thanks to SaraEllen’s coaching.  For anyone on the fence about coaching, take a leap of faith and sign up to work with SaraEllen.  You will not regret it.” 



“Just finished an amazing coaching session with SaraEllen! SaraEllen…you are a true gift! I walked away feeling empowered and with new tools for my toolbox – both personally and professionally – that I cannot wait to put into practice.” 


North Carolina

Feminine Energy Coach & Flower Essence Practitioner SaraEllen helps you self-actualize and fully thrive by restoring your connection with Nature and yourself.

SaraEllen, feminine energy coach & flower essence practitioner
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