Flower Essences

What are Flower Essences? Wait. What? Flower Essences? Do they smell good? It’s not about the fragrance…..Flower Essences are like homeopathy for your spirit and emotions. Yes, energy – let’s get a little bit woo-woo for a minute. Flower Essences bypass the analytical mind and integrate other things you’re doing for your overall wellness, personalContinue reading “Flower Essences”

Feminine Energy

What is Feminine Energy? If you identify as a woman, Feminine Energy is your divine, authentic source of power. When tapped into your feminine energy, you may feel or exhibit the following emotions and behaviors: receptive, creative, collaborative, playful, compassionate, intuitive, passionate, fair, spontaneous, patient, agreeable, supportive, enthusiastic, and/or tactful. Every person, regardless of gender,Continue reading “Feminine Energy”