Announcing the book:
Feminine Energy Feminist
Available in October on Amazon

SaraEllen, work-life balance coach for professional women
Feminine Energy Feminist: How Professional Women Can Thrive in Work and Life (in spite of the patriarchy) will be published in October.

It is the guide for Millennial and Gen-X women working in historically male-occupied fields to create work-life balance and personal fulfillment.

So many of us educated, successful, high-achieving women are afraid to admit that we’re so OVER the hustle.

We don’t want to admit this to ourselves for fear that people will think we lack ambition or a good work ethic.

But not telling ourselves the truth leads us to suffer, often for years, putting our real needs and desires on the back burner.

If you are harboring resentment about something in your life that won’t seem to change, or remain torn and undecided about something that doesn’t seem to have a clear choice, there is a solution.

The solution is to reconnect with the voice of your heart and the wise whispers of your intuition. Your heart and inner wisdom never lie.

But when your gut urges you to….

…Quit your firm and go solo
…Ask for a modified schedule so you can pursue a hobby or recover your health
…Leave your childhood faith
…Or even ask your husband to help out more around the house…

Historically, you typically talked yourself out of it, choosing to suffer in silence for another year instead of risking rejection or failure.

But now is different. You’re done with suffering.

However, you aren’t confident that you can finally get what you want, especially considering the pressure you’re under.

That means this book is for you.

Inside you is the power to have your career and a life, too, beyond the artificial limits that keep most women unhappy.

Feminine Energy Feminist teaches you how to harness that power within you, so you no longer settle for less than what you deserve in work and life.

You are wiser and more powerful than impostor syndrome, procrastination, conflict, and bullying.

Yes, you can TRANSCEND the patriarchy instead of just putting up with it.


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