5. How To Manifest: Meditation for Women

How to Manifest: Meditation for Women SaraEllen Hutchison, Life Coach, Feminine Energy Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Reader for Professional Women, Women Lawyers, Women in STEM, Women in Medicine and Other Traditionally "Male-Dominated" Professions. Improve your Relationships with Self and Others, both at Work and in your personal life.

High-achieving women need new instructions on how to manifest using visualization and meditation

By now, you probably have heard quite a bit about manifestation, law of attraction, visualization and meditation.

Some of you aren’t meditating as consistently as you’d like, and when you work on your manifestations doing this or that mindset tool or technique, you’re not sure you see a benefit.

Or for some of you, meditation is already a daily habit and you think of yourself as a good manifester, but certain areas of life still seem blocked, like a last frontier.

If you’re an otherwise high-achieving, successful woman puzzled by this, take heart.

Let’s take the mystery out of how to manifest, while leaving some of the magic

Today’s episode demystifies how to manifest, by breaking down what actually happens in our brains and in our lives when we are manifesting, according to The Model — and lightly touching on science. 

I’ll also explain why high-achieving women often have a really hard time figuring out how to manifest.

Meditation and visualization don’t need to be a huge time suck to be powerful

And finally, today’s episode also will convince you that meditation is key, and thought work or mindset work alone is not enough for you to manifest your desires.

Don’t miss this one, because I share a powerful and personal manifestation story from my own life that I have never before widely shared, and the exciting knowledge that makes my manifestations even more powerful now.

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What You Will Discover:

  • How Brooke Castillo/The Life Coach School’s Self-Coaching Model explains how to manifest.
  • Why your primitive brain is actually an asset (and not just an pain in the ass) when it comes to manifesting what you want.
  • Why high-achieving professional women sometimes have the hardest time figuring out how to manifest, and how we can get out of our own way using meditation.
  • Why meditation does not have to be a huge time commitment, and doesn’t require you to eradicate all your thoughts.

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Full Episode Transcript:

I’m SaraEllen Hutchison and this is the Feminine Energy Feminist podcast, episode number Five: How to Manifest: Meditation for Women. Welcome to Feminine Energy Feminist, a podcast for professional women who are ready to tap into their feminine energy, so they can be happier at work and in their personal lives. It’s time to redefine what a professional woman is in those historically male-dominated fields that don’t always embrace the needs and talents of women.

I’m your host, SaraEllen Hutchison. I’m a life coach and a practicing lawyer. I’ll help you learn how to embrace who you are as a woman; body, mind, and spirit, so you can be more powerful in your career and fulfilled in your life. So, if you’re ready not just to be a high achiever, but get what your soul wants too, let’s proceed.

Episode 5: How to Manifest: Meditation for Women

Welcome back to the Feminine Energy Feminist, Episode 5. Today as I am recording this, I have just made it through a very full couple of weeks in my law practice. Every year, things tend to quicken right before everything kind of shuts down around the holidays. Before the ski resorts open, might as well get a bunch of work done.

On top of it, I’m working toward my Advanced Deep Dive Coaching Certification with the amazing Master Coach Bev Aron. If you are familiar with the Life Coach School or found me through the Life Coach School, you probably know who Bev Aron is! All of you dear listeners, and my coaching clients, are the ultimate beneficiaries of that hard but rewarding work. If you are a professional woman who is stuck in any area of your life, personal or professional, now is a great time to work with me.

Sometimes when all the desired opportunities come your way, all at once, and you are drinking from the firehose, well, show up thirsty. You want to manifest? Well, sometimes it’s all gonna manifest at once. You just have to roll with it and realize that not everything has to be perfect. Have the attitude of “that dog will hunt.” If you want help with your time management and perfectionistic tendencies, go back and listen to Inner Peace for Busy Lawyers, Episodes 7, 21 26, 30 and 31. Especially Episode 21, “How to Get Stuff Done When You Don’t Want to And There’s Too Much To Do.”

So today, even if you are busy, and you think you’ve heard everything there is to hear about how to manifest, the law of attraction, and meditation, and it has worked for you (or hasn’t), take heart, because today you are going to hear something new: One, how manifestation works with Brooke Castillo’s Self-Coaching Model, two, some scientific support for the more “woo” aspects of how to manifest, three, why visualization and meditation are so vitally important, and four, how to actually do it even if you are super busy. And even if meditation or visualization is already a good habit of yours, you’ll still get something new out of this episode.

But before we really get into this, I have to tell you a personal story about how to manifest that I have never before widely shared. We have to go way back to 2001, right after 9/11. I was a non-equity, that means a really low paid, musical theater actor at the time. And I was applying to get a job as a cruise ship dancer. Not because I sincerely wanted to be a cruise ship dancer; it was a consolation prize because I did not feel like I had the resources to just go directly to New York. And I wanted to go far from my hometown. So, being a good student of 1990s-era metaphysics, I decided I was going to use Feng Shui and manifestation to get a cruise ship job. These were the days before Pinterest, so I bought cruise and travel magazines with Caribbean scenes and taped them to the back of my door, the Feng Shui “career” area. I also cut out the word PARADISE and put it right in the center. I did lots of visualizations.

But then following the 9/11 attack, it looked like the cruise industry was going to dry up. So I took the first job I was offered with one of the larger ones, a job that I didn’t want, but no pun intended, it was going to be a port in a storm. And guess what the name of the ship was? THE PARADISE.

Really. So then I took the job, immediately hated it, hated the people, the tacky costumes, the entire cruise industry, and two weeks later, I walked off the boat in Miami, boarded a plane back home, applied for law school and the rest is history. That’s how to manifest, quite literally.

What I learned is that our true desires ultimately do manifest, even if we try to lie to ourselves and settle for life’s various consolation prizes.

So…if you are wanting to know how to manifest, and manifest what you really want, listen up, because today I’m going to share the things I didn’t know back in 2001.

One, How Manifestation Works with the Model

So how to manifest is quite a big topic, and there are entire podcasts devoted to it. You can’t really have a podcast about improving your life without talking about manifestation. Isn’t the ultimate point of self-improvement getting what you want in life? Expansion and evolution? Indeed.

Manifestation is really just another way of expressing the truth of the Model, by breaking it down into a logical chain of causation. Quick review of Brooke Castillo and the Life Coach School’s self-coaching Model: circumstances are neutral, and your thoughts about them are what cause your emotions. Emotions drive your actions, and your results in life are a product of your actions. If you are already familiar with manifestation teachings, you may have heard this referred to as “inspired action,” something that you are naturally inclined to do and not resist. Well, we know from the Model where the heck you’re going to get your inspiration. Inspiration is a feeling, and it comes from what you think. And what you think and believe is where a lot of people get stuck trying to badger themselves into thinking thoughts that aren’t sincerely available to them yet, and why meditation is so important and efficient for shifting thoughts and feelings.

If we brush away all the fairy dust that everything about how to manifest and the law of attraction is often rolled in, we have simple cause and effect that we see in the tidy logical package of the Model.

Breaking it down and going, “manifestation is logical common sense,” is not intended to take all the magic and mystery out of this. I only want to bring it home and make it accessible. So now let’s peel away more of the curtain on how to manifest.

Two, Some Scientific Support for the “Magical” Aspects of Manifestation

What science knows about the human brain also demystifies the process of manifestation. So, we have about 60,000 thoughts a day, and most of them we don’t notice. They don’t all trigger emotions if we don’t focus on them long enough for that to occur. Part of this is because our primitive brain, the part of the brain often blamed for our knee-jerk reactions and unproductive behaviors, actually helps us filter out most of the input in the world. You can thank evolution. If we didn’t have the ability to automatically filter out the non-essential, we would have just been like “la, la la, whatever,” and not seen that saber-toothed tiger about to pounce on us, and register that as, well, kinda important.

That nice little brain “spam filter” is called the Reticular Activating System, and it’s located in the base of the brain next to the spinal cord. Much of what it does is automatic. But we can use it to our advantage when we meditate, specifically using visualization instead of trying to blank out our thoughts altogether, because it does respond to what you regard as important. Say you’re a cavewoman and the last time you saw a saber-toothed tiger, it didn’t want to purr and chase a laser, instead it ate half your family. That registers as “important,” and so you are automatically going to notice that tiger to the exclusion of other things that are less important in the moment.

So, you can use this information to deliberately feed your Reticular Activating System and manifest. When you meditate and visualize, you’re telling the Reticular Activating System that it is important to notice certain things, as evidence of what you’re visualizing. If you’re not regularly visualizing what you want to counteract the fifty percent of your daily thoughts that are meh, you literally won’t be able to notice the stuff in the world that you want, that is a match for your soul. I believe this information is very useful for you if you are dating, job searching, or even house shopping. Professional women who have life pretty well figured out overall, but tell me they just can’t seem to dial in a specific area of life, aren’t optimizing their primitive brain to look for what they want instead of what they don’t. And then it might be right in front of them, but they think it “isn’t the droid they are looking for,” so to speak.

We will always have areas where we are evolving and growing. Presently, I’m working on getting my Reticular Activating System lined up with my next real estate purchase. And let me tell you, my brain has been wanting to focus on that saber-toothed tiger called the Pacific Northwest Real Estate bubble, I mean, uh, the market. When I’m telling myself it’s a bubble and the prices are ridiculous, of course that’s what I’m going to see. Over time, as I stop whining and instead apply these understandings to this next goal, the opportunities will become visible to me like Brigadoon out of the mists.

So now let’s talk about the quantum observer effect, where a person running an experiment influences the outcome because someone – or something, like a device, is looking at it and measuring it. While there is some difference of opinion between science and metaphysics as to whether this means we can bend reality to our wishes on the sub-atomic level, at the very least, we can accept that things are not random. And if you like the way it feels to hold the thought that you influence the outcome — even on that microscopic level — then it’s going to be a good Model for you to get the results you desire.

Finally, you might have heard about the Harvard study where scientists had a variety of subjects practice the piano and other subjects just visualize practicing the piano, and then measured the subjects’ brain, and the effect was the same. Whether this is applied to learning a sport or an instrument or finding your dream person, place or thing, what are you training your brain to experience? And what are you wiring your brain to expect? This is how to manifest.

So, by now I bet you feel pretty motivated to use your mind more intentionally. But I bet you are also thinking of your specific life challenges that seem resistant to anything you try, or a history of difficulty in maintaining a meditation practice, or some experience with visualization not working for you. I’m going to explain why.

Three, Why Visualization and Meditation Are So Important for Feminine Energy Women

I once heard the great quote that you should meditate for 20 minutes a day, two hours a day if you are too busy. No, this episode is not going to turn into a major guilt trip about something you know you ought to be doing but can’t seem to get yourself consistently doing it. Relax, nobody’s going to make you do two hours of meditation. You don’t have to do anything. You also don’t have to brush and floss, but you probably don’t want the consequences of that. Brushing and flossing takes mere minutes a day for you to get the benefit. So can the right, targeted meditation.

Visualization, meditation and manifestation are essential energetic and emotional hygiene for busy women like us. Especially highly-sensitive, empaths, and feminine energy women who also happen to be high achievers. Why? Well, I have covered this at length in previous episodes, but it’s our good little student syndrome again.

You see, the personality that is both high-achieving and primarily feminine energy has usually grown up with a brain and reticular activating system that are hard-wired to constantly be on the watch for others’ reactions to see if they are happy with us. That’s why getting a B (or even worse, a C) when you were a kid probably felt like THE END OF THE WORLD. It literally was registering to our primitive brain that we might get kicked out of the cave and have to fend for ourselves, tattered and alone. I personally grew up interpreting everything around me to mean that appearing to be dumb was about as bad as getting arrested. And, many of us who grew up with these dynamics and feelings also grew up with some of the earlier feminist messages that “women can do it all, therefore we should and never ask for help.” This creates a toxic cocktail of thinking that we have to be perfect, and that the solution to everything is to look inward and mercilessly audit ourselves for faults.

Of course, being self-aware is good. And, on this podcast and when I coach women, we are mining for those thought errors and limiting beliefs that stand in the way between what you want and why you don’t yet have it. But I see many women use personal growth tools against themselves by giving themselves yet another superhuman standard to live up to. Sometimes we need to stop journaling, stop doing Models, stop beating ourselves up for not yet believing the new thoughts, as all of that is not how to manifest. Meditation of any kind helps us get our attention off of ourselves.

The reason why I recommend creative visualization instead of other forms of meditation is because it is more accessible and enjoyable for many people, and because it is a convenient space to actually get into the feelings that are going to drive the actions that lead to the results you want. I also believe that our souls, and our subconscious minds, are all interconnected and use metaphor and symbol as their language. When we bypass the logical mind and the flurry of sentences in our brain and visualize ourselves surrounded by a divine figure, talking animals or a beach at sunset, we can get through our stubbornness. We can process emotion there. We can have profound, life-altering insights that inform and accelerate our cognitive thought work.

Four: but what if I’m legit too busy?

Are you too busy to brush your teeth or go pee? It may feel like that’s true, but I know you eventually do make time for those things. If that’s where you are, then your meditation practice will start out as simply closing your eyes for the count of ten and breathing deeply before you brush your teeth. You can visualize yourself surrounded by angels, or hear the cry of gulls and the crashing of the surf at the beach, or visualize a shower of light washing you clean of your stress and hurry.

Twenty minutes per day five days per week is great, but don’t let the lack of time stop you from doing this altogether. Just let it be a small, but growing part of your routine.

So today, we demystified how to manifest, and why meditation, visualization in particular, is so vital for feminine energy professional women. And it doesn’t have to be a big thing. Just begin where you are.

Before we wrap up, I have two news items!

First: if you are frustrated that you can’t seem to figure out how to manifest certain things in your life, stop beating yourself up over that and don’t push yourself to figure everything out alone. Get coaching! Go to lawyergoddess.com/contact to message me.

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Thanks for listening to Feminine Energy Feminist. If you want more information or the resources from the podcast, visit lawyergoddess.com/podcast. See you next week.

Thanks for listening to Feminine Energy Feminist. If you want more information or the resources from the podcast, visit lawyergoddess.com/podcast. See you next week.

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