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Warrior Goddess, You Have Permission To Drop The Armor

Work-life balance & better time management for women lawyers

Many smart, ambitious women put their heart and soul into their careers only to find that it is lonely at the top. 

Maybe they can’t find a partner — or can’t seem to get along with the one they have.

And no matter how educated, smart, and talented they may be, they struggle to feel understood and appreciated by the people at the office.

Their relationship with the Self suffers too — characterized by the barrage of negative self-talk that doesn’t seem to shut up no matter what they achieve.

Hi there. I’m SaraEllen. I’m a life coach. 

This site is called Lawyergoddess because I’m not just a coach…I’ve been a lawyer since 2005. 

But as a coach, I’m here to help women like you working in any of the professions traditionally regarded as “male dominated.” Not just the law.

Even though there are a lot of us showing the world who’s boss in these fields, many of you aren’t happy with how the rest of your life is going.

Despite your accomplishments, it may feel like success in your personal life is some elusive mystery. And, navigating the personalities you encounter at the workplace isn’t easy, either.

I know exactly what you’re going through, and I can help you change all of it.