Reclaim your Feminine Energy to live a beautiful life on your own terms.


Many professional women have dazzling resumes: the education, the titles, and other achievements. 

But so many of us are still paralyzed with impostor syndrome and a poor self-image.

You might let people at work mansplain you, or your family boss you around.

You might wear yoga pants or the same frumpy clothes all the time, even if it feels bad.

And work-life balance? That can seem like a fantasy. 

You are worth more.


To be the successful and beautiful woman you really are, you need a new worldview that honors Nature, your intuition, and your emotions.

One that embraces your Feminine Energy — those aspects of you that make you different from men.

SaraEllen, feminine energy coach, work-life balance coach for professional women

You need communication and time-management skills that aren’t taught in school or continuing professional education.

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And last but not least, you need to know and claim your authentic beauty and personal style. (The mass-marketed, photoshopped, shallow social media world can’t give it to you.)

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Then — and only then — you become the boss of your career, the queen of your personal life, and blossom into the beautiful, magnetic woman you are meant to be.

This is what I help you do, and fast.

SaraEllen, feminine energy coach

SaraEllen helps professional women leverage the healing power of nature and the transformative power of style to get what they want.

SaraEllen elevates your self-image, guides you to be your own authority, and empowers you in all your relationships.

How I Can Help You

Transformational Life Coaching

Rekindling your own authority is the secret to creating your life on your own terms. Thrive and self-actualize through Flower Essences (aka Bach Flower Remedies), and Deep Dive ™ Coaching, a method that is faster (and kinder) than typical coaching methods.

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personal style coaching

Personal style holds the key to your authentic, most powerful self. Finally solve your issues with self-image and having nothing to wear through SaraEllen's signature Style Quantum Leap plus Deep Dive ™ Coaching.

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