Reclaim your feminine energy to live a magical life on your own terms.


Historically male-dominated fields have dimmed the light of our female power. 

Professional women suffer so much gaslighting — that’s why they’re paralyzed with impostor syndrome and people-pleasing.

You are worth more.

You know it, but you simply lost it.

To revive your female power, you embrace your emotions and use them to your advantage instead of ignoring them, hiding them, or stuffing them down.

You can start living a magical life where now you now have time to do everything that is important.

You are now honoring your body, mind and spirit, where work and life are beautifully balanced.

SaraEllen, work-life balance coach for professional women
SaraEllen, feminine energy coach

SaraEllen helps professional women leverage their emotions and intuition to navigate historically male-occupied careers that only give lip service to the contributions of women. 

SaraEllen helps you elevate your productivity and empowers you in your relationships, both personal and professional.

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SaraEllen Hutchison, Life Coach, Feminine Energy Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Reader for Professional Women, Women Lawyers, Women in STEM, Women in Medicine and Other Traditionally "Male-Dominated" Professions. Improve your Relationships with Self and Others, both at Work and in your personal life.

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